Wednesday, March 16, 2005

ISPI : Appreciative Inquiry

Details of the ISPI Sydney conference here.

Future NSW KM Forum sessions

Lots of things on the horizon:
- Plently of case studies from actual people in organisations doing KM.
- We want this year to be interactive with people doing stuff. In the past (and for good reason), there's been lots of presenting (talking to) but not enough talking with and doing with. This may not work but it's worth a try.

Creative Commons @ NSW KM Forum

OK, the Creative Commons session was actually quite cool. If light on attendance.

Ian Oi is a surprisingly jolly bloke for a lawyer. And he talked well. David Vaile from the Cyberlaw Centre weighed in where necessary and Bruce Badger was a contrary so-and-so. But that was kinda what I'd asked him to be so fair enough. I probably could have been a tougher facilitator but unless I have a specific goal that the group has to reach I tend to err on the side of non-intervention.

One issue that the night left me with was: CC is all very nice but what future does it have? Will people be using this? Will it end up in court? As far as Australia goes, it's deffo too early to say.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Serious Games

The application of gaming & simulation to techniques to the business environment hold quite a fascination for me.

Serious Games is a recent site I've been pointed towards which is a bit light on content.

Virtual Leader is an interesting attempt to apply gaming techniques to managerial decision making. Kinda like Doom but with less weaponary.

More to follow.