Thursday, June 30, 2005

LinkedIn and inked up

Currently have an obsession with LinkedIn - a social software-type networking tool. Part of it stems from sheer geeky competition ("I will get more connections than anyone"). Maybe I wasn't hugged enough as a child. But beyond that there's something interesting about making your social network public - and the uses and abuses of same. More to follow...

Good CoP, Bad CoP...

Etienne Wenger is in Sydney later in July...

NSW KM Forum July

Session on Social Software

ISPI - Board Games

ISPI last night involved Marie Jasinski doing a session on Break The Safe. This is a commercially available board game that Marie and Thiagi have customised as part of a program of learning to develop high-performance teams.

What impressed me was that a commercial product designed for one market could be converted quite simply into a rich learning resource. What else is out there for us to get our hands on?



Last week, went to the ElNet event held at a venue better known for its comedy. Which is unfortunate as the technology did a Norman Wisdom-type pratfall and collapsed. To be fair to Centra, this was more likely due to networking issues than software. Anyway, we didn't get to hear what The Cape Group had to say about the state of the eLearning market in Australia and New Zealand. But we did get to hear from Alison Bickford at Roche about their eLearning activities - Communities of Practice, Wikis, Portals - all sounded suspiciously like KM to me.

Alison was so good, I want to her to come to Big Blue to present.

More SNA

It's all happening.

The awesome Kate Ehrlich has put me onto the Connectedness blog about SNA. This will take me a while to digest but will drop you a line when I do.