Thursday, November 24, 2005

Babson College Blog

The Boys from Babson (Tom Davenport, Don Cohen, Larry Prusak)now have their own blog.

Check out the posts on telecommuting & Ideas...

More SNA - Ross Dawson

Check out Trends in Living Networks by Ross Dawson...

SNA @ Sydney University

A few weeks ago, I paid a visit to the Knowledge Management Research Group @ Sydney University. They specialise in data mining and social network analysis. In particular Ken Chung is doing interesting work with NSW rural GPs and Ying Zhou with bloggers...

Podcasting - Do It...

ISPI had Mick this Tuesday just gone. Despite running horrendously over time, Mick did a great job of showing what you can do with Podcasting & RSS - and how easy it can be.

Just downloaded Audacity and having a play.

Friday, November 11, 2005

No accounting for taste?

We had the NSW KM Forum last night at Minter Ellison.

Rob Stewart from Safetrac gave us a demo of the product and explained its role in monitoring compliance & culture change. One key takeaway for me was: this only works if the organisation in question is willing to look at its employees' behaviours and then (where necessary) seek to change them rather than punish them.

Then we had James Guthrie and Christina Boedker talking about the new Society for Knowledge Economics.

Actually, the two presentations had a great deal in common. They were both concerned with making visible (and hence measureable / manageable) that which had been hidden - i.e. competence / intangible assets.

Acting all clever like

Went to a free workshop put on by Maura Fay. The basic idea is that Mf use actors as trainers for courses on presentation skills.

And it seems to work pretty well. Their presentation skills are top notch and the attendees seem to enjoy themselves.

I may approach them re:hiring a stunt double for some of my trickier meetings next week.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Knowledge Tree Launch

Went to the launch of Knowledge Tree which was cool - despite some technical hiccups.

Hear an interview with me here on Dot's blog.


Julie Diamond ran very cool workshop on power this weekend. Yes, POWER!!!


Julie is practitioner of Process Work. Which I am just starting to get my head around.

Couple of key things from process work:
1. Primary & secondary processes. What is most alien, unpleasant, unthinkable about what others do - and especially about what you do - is very important. And may be the source of something positive so should not merely be ignored / suppressed. Which brings us to...
2. Edges. Where's the limit for you? Where don't you want to go? And why..?